An Irish Man Abroad :: 02

Right, so first week in Vancouver is over. What have I learnt? It can get wet, snowy and just grand, all soon after each other. Not complaining though. Been out viewing apartments and some places were like a serious dive, as in massive gapping holes in the roof. Other places were brilliant but dopey girls that can’t seem to take phone numbers down correctly stole it on us. *shakes fist*


Well beyond that, the week has been filled with phone getting, wandering and just plain old, getting to know the place. Haven’t really been doing the whole tourist thing. Thinking behind this is that I’ve got essentially a year to do that. Like, y’know. :p

So yes, this is just a quick update and to finish it, here’s a tune I’ve been listening to all week.

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Wild Wild Web

It’s a scary web out there. There are scams, there are spams and there are HUGE cans. *wink* *wink* And I am now right in the middle of it. I have recently voyaged out before the homestead of out to the new frontier. I missed it really. Getting to do my own work more so now. Whilst working at Champion I did keep working at weekends and bits and bobs on weekday evenings but nothing to the scale I would of like. Apparently I liked not looking at PHP for hours for a wee bit. Had to go check out that “life” thing that people keep going on about.

During my last few months of sporadic development I have properly started a lot of the ground work for what has evolved on from Endlife Studios mantra. It’s callled dotColab and it will be a robust cloud based collaboration platform. Currently at the moment I am still defining all the general methods for the day to day use of the website. Honestly I think it’ll be great, namely because it has achievements!! Yes achievements. I haven’t implemented a satisfying ding just yet but really want to. That’s all I can say at the moment as I have nothing to show because the front end is just pure debug plain html. Sorry. Will let you know when it’s in a live enough state to show off.

Also, here’s something awesome I bought today. IT’S FRICKIN’ TRON!!

It's frickin Tron!
It's frickin Tron!

An Irish Man Abroad :: 01

So here I am, sitting in a hotel room in Vancouver still trying to take it in that I am doing just that. Sitting in Vancouver. Yes, I have move to grand auld country of Canada. :D It’s proper good. Canadians here, Canadians there and probably loads of other nationalities but sure I haven’t stopped everyone to ask where they’re from.

Myself and Dan. Dublin airport January 2011
Myself and Dan. Dublin airport January 2011

You wouldn’t guess where we managed to go on our very first night here?? An Irish bar. Was good but then when Dan found out that one of the barmaids didn’t actually know what “craic” was, he was disgusted. I was a little too but didn’t kick up as much of a stink.

Anyways, this is just a wee quick start to the An Irish Man Abroad series. Keep checking back to see what I get up to in the land of awesome. :)